Q: How much does a wedding cost?

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Hey ror! Just curious… My boyfriend and i have been talking about it lately…how much did you spend for your wedding and how did you prepare for it?

A friend asked me this question recently and it definitely deserves a thoughtful response, so I thought I might as well blog about it! I don’t think I’m the only girl who has been dreaming about her wedding since she was knee-high, but I might be one of the few who actually had most details thought out and just had blank spaces for half the guest list and the other name to put on the invites. I wish I was kidding, but I actually designed the wedding dress I had made (the first one) during an Economics 101 class in my sophomore year of college.

Having a template for the wedding made the actual planning process pretty easy. Once Gutch proposed in  January, we immediately contacted my mentor/boss/foster-father Pastor Chuck Quinley about what dates he could be back in the Philippines to conduct our wedding. Yes, that was one of my plans (and non-negotiables!). We set the date for July, which gave us 5 months to make magic happen. In that time, the most important tasks were (1) picking and securing the perfect venue (2) doing all the DIY preparations, with all the quirky details that we wanted to incorporate and (3) finding our starter apartment where we’d settle in after the wedding.

toast!Gutch and I decided early on that we didn’t want to go bankrupt over a lavish wedding, especially one that we were paying for ourselves. We’d rather spend the money into building our first home. And instead of me taking on more freelance projects for into the wedding fund, Gutch took on the responsibility of paying for everything, leaving me free to do all the planing and preparation — and we would save money and have more control of how the wedding would turn out. Since Gutch and I are creative types who live amongst fellow artists and crafters, this was going to be very doable.

We had heard some wise people say that you need to
choose your 3 non-negotiables.

Some pick the amazing bridal gown, an extravagant honeymoon, really
For us, our top priorities were:
(1) Medieval-theme that would be quirky, not-too-formal and uniquely our own.
(2) Out-of-town venue, at sunrise (also kinda filtered the guestslist to those who really loved us hehe);
(3)  Great video and photo coverage to capture our whimsical and magical day, and also because we’re both in media so our artistic street cred was also on the line here!
And of course, all this within our modest budget — initially at Php200,-250,000 and we ended up spending around Php300,000 (US$7,000) which was still not bad for a 150-guest wedding.


Venue & Reception (and Accomodations)

Venue + Reception (breakfast buffet for 150pax) = P112,000
Accomodations = P24,400

One of the great things about being Evangelical is you don’t have to get married in a church, you can get hitched anywhere! And Gutch and I both wanted a garden wedding. We got a really good deal for this quaint bed and breakfast my mother discovered. For a very modest reservation fee, we could book the whole place for the weekend and they would also do the reception catering, European breakfast buffet feast complete with roast suckling pig! We would be the first couple to have their wedding AND reception there… and it turns out we would also probably be the last seeing how much hassle we were for them (Sorry!! At least you guys had fun right?) We also booked all the cottages the night before for our VIPs (bridal party and immediate family).

our invite (illustrated by bride and groom)


Invitation etc. Printing= P12,000
Stickers & Silkscreen = P3,000
Illustration & Design =
FREE (by bride & groom)

I’m a graphic designer, Gutch and I are illustrators, and so of course we did our own invites.
We found a great printer (Kenstar Graphics, we liked the work they did on friends’ wedding invite)
We also had some stickers made and silkscreened Godzilla patterns on felt (Yes, our house sigil is Gojira).


Next Monday, Part Two:
DIY Wedding Preparations – Savings and Hidden Costs