abhisekThis is a photo from 2010. I’m sandwiched between my Mongolian mitsahay Bataa, and on the left is my bhai (brother) Abhisek Dahal. These guys were students of Medialight. Abhisek’s dad was a pastor in Kathmandu, and now Abhisek is a pastor himself. Their church often sends teams to go into remote villages to preach the gospel.

A few weeks ago, a huge earthquake shook Nepal and Abhisek’s church sent teams up to help. Recently, he sent me a message: Gorkha Lapu Puchar Village is slowly getting rebuilt thanks to loving volunteers and donors from all over the world. Much still needs to be done and the GOOGOOHIT community would like to be part of the good work! The Googoohit piggybank funds will go towards their mission. Please sign up for the next workshops and so we can help give school supplies to the kids of Gorkha Lapu Puchar Village!