4 Weeks to Finish Line!

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Ever since I joined Lakewalk Media (Gutch’s company) the second quarter of this year, our company has been growing by leaps and bounds!  The last few months have been amazingly full of projects we’re so grateful for God’s faithfulness.

Now we’re 4 weeks away from our 3-week Thailand deployment to help out with MediaLightAsia‘s gospel exhibition, we’re finishing up a lot of projects (video for him, graphic design and branding for me).

We both THRIVE in the busyness. Our clients are often pleasantly surprised  that we deliver quality work on time, a rare thing for creative types. One big thing we have going for us is we’re both Achievers who score very high on the “J” end of the Judger/Perceiver scale.  So we get stuff done!

Gutch prefers To-Do lists (he calls them quests) and I prefer seeing my schedule in front of me and filling it with productive cells. Like so…

I did this because I remembered being so productive back in college (wow, 10 years ago!) when my life was neatly divided into hour-long-blocks. So I wanted to replicate that in my increasingly busy life. I even allocate time for exercise, Bible time, social time and even art!

If you want to download a printable weekly schedule,
you can do so here: WEEKLYPLANNER